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Codra Medical Codra Medical Codra Medical Codra Medical Codra Medical Codra Medical Codra Medical Codra Medical

Private medical institutions "Codra" has been established ten years ago, by establishing the first private polyclinic in Montenegro in 2001.

Since its foundation, "Codra" followed the motto: "Anyone who has ceased to be a better, has ceased to be good." All these years it has been following the latest global trends in medicine, and in accordance with this, high-technology equipment was purchased and eminent experts from all medical fields have been hired. This was accompanied by an expansion of spatial capacities.

Thus, on 13 November 2006 the first private hospital in Montenegro "Codra" has been established.

The hospital facilities are the following:

  • utpatient-diagnostic section, which offers the latest equipment necessary for the diagnosis of diseases in all areas of medicine:
    • the X-ray cabinet with X-ray Philips device, which has all the options required by modern X-ray diagnostics,
    • the biochemical laboratory with complete apparatus,
    • the histopathological surgery for histopathological examinations, including "ex-tempore" biopsy,
    • the section for the latest endo-video system for endoscopy and colonoscopy,
    • Siemens Versa Pro ultrasound for diagnosis of diseases in all areas,
    • Powervision Toshiba ultrasound for:
        - Blood vessels doppler,
        - Transcranial Doppler,
        - Surgical diagnosis,
    • ultrasound 4D Medison with three-dimensional image,
    • ultrasound Toshiba nemio for diagnosis in gynecology,
    • ultrasound Toshiba nemio for diagnosis in cardiology and angelology,
    • ultrasound Toshiba Xario- latest ultrasound for diagnosis of diseases in urology, including bi-planar transrectal probe needed for examination and targeted biopsy of the prostate,
    • ultrasound Toshiba nemio with 4 probes including CV cardiac and transesophageal Doppler probe,
    • ultrasound Toshiba nemio with 4 probes for a complete diagnosis in all areas,
    • complete equipment for cardiac diagnosis: three EKG machines, holter, ergometry,
    • Endovideo system for cystoscopy and i ureterorenoscopy,
    • Endovideo system for bronchoscopy,
    • Endovideo system mediastinoskopy
    • Complete equipment for the ophthalmic examination, including ultrasound, laser and vision field
        MSCT coronary angiography
        MSCT angiography
        MSCT for other tissues, organs and organ systems
  • Operational block, equipped according to all international standards:
    • the four operating rooms, equipped according to all international standards

  • Intensive Care
  • Single and double suites to accommodate patients in the postoperative period or in the testing phase.

In "Codra" hospital, surgeries in the following areas are performed:

  • Surgery
  • Urology
  • Ginecology
  • Orthopedics
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Oftalmology
  • and other surgeryl branches

At "Codra" hospital, highly skilled and professional medical staff is engaged, which guarantees the quality of medical services, discretion, speed and individual attention. The "Codra" staff makes a compact and well coordinated team that monitors and controls the health of their patients, from prevention, to complete diagnosis and treatment, in a way that meets the most stringent standards. Thanks to the careful approach to each patient, most modern medical equipment, the efforts of eminent experts, European health care models and the results they achieve, "Codra" has gained a lot of confidence of its patients, that entrust a complete care of their health and the health of their families, starting from prevention to the diagnosis and treatment, to "Codra" team.


Codra Medical