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64 multislice scanner, currently the most modern medical apparatus in the world, completely painless and safe, without any special preparation, just in a few seconds gives a clear and accurate picture of each organ. The obtained images can be rotated and viewed the relevant section from any angle. This miracle of modern medical technology can separate blood vessels from other structures, tissues and organs, which gives a clear and very detail picture of what has to be diagnostified.

This scanner has an option to show the state of the blood vessels of the heart, brain and other organs in only few seconds, in a non-invasive, completely safe way, without introducing the catheter and any instruments in the patient's body.

In a completely safe and painless way this camera can do Multislice scanning coronary angiography, thus gaining a clear insight into the existence of the tearing of blood vessels of the heart, which are responsible for the occurrence of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. If this examination does not show a significant tearing of blood vessels of the heart, there is no need for further invasive coronarography, which, like any invasive method, carries a certain risk. And if a significant tearing is found, the patient is referred to further treatment (these are often life-saving treatments).


multislajsni skener

64 multislice scanner in the same way can detect any change in brain blood vessels, revealing lumen enlargement (aneurysm), without invasive and risky method, which, before his appearance, was not possible.

Bronchoscopy can be performed through a non-invasive method, without introducing a bronchoscope, and we get a clear picture up to the smallest bronchi, and thus it reveals any change in them. Colonoscopy and the examination of the colon are performed in the same way.

This scanner has made a real revolution in medical diagnostics. It represents a quick, safe diagnostic method that is performed on the outpatient basis, and due to its capability it has invaluable importance in the diagnosis of all areas of medicine, because it promptly diagnoses and starts the treatment, which contributes to faster and safer healing.


multislajsni skener


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